August 4, 2014

REUPLOAD: Mörkö (Finland) - Paluu demo 2000

And now: something completely different. Yeah. This blog is not all about ancient thrash metal. It's not about any genre in particular, but it's about old metal tapes in general. There's a difference there, eh? I got this old(ish) tape from my friend JH (Cheers, mate!), listened to it, liked it... and thought that it might be a good thing to upload something different for a change. So I did. This band's name is Mörkö and this is their "Paluu" demo from 2000. And it's pretty damn good, but a rather short demo with three Black/Doom Metal (according to The Metal Archives) tracks. The band later did two full length albums and are still active today.

PS. This band is related to one of my recent faves Jumalhämärä, whom I recommend you to check out if you're interested in avantgarde/experimental black metal.

Mörkö - Paluu demo 2000

1. Mörköperkele 3:47
2. Musta surma 3:40
3. Totuuden henki 6:16

Style: Black/Doom Metal

Mörkö (Finland) - Paluu demo 2000

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