May 8, 2011

Virago (Finland) - Demo (198?)

Allright. Time to get back where we started. As those of you who have been following this blog since the beginning may remember, the first tape I posted was by a band called Virago and it was from '89. However this one I recently found from my boxes of dusty old tapes is an earlier demo. Don't know the exact year, but on this one it's still their bass player on vocals, and not the lead singer that sang on the later demo. Perhaps a little bit more aggression here and there, and it's more straight-forward kinda stuff than their later music in general. This is still a fine example of the local speed metal scene of the late 80's... well, at least for me it is. I still remember seeing this band live, supporting the bigger bands of the scene. I mean I saw Virago several times opening for Stone, Airdash, Prestige... pretty much all the important names of the time. And what did they get for all their efforts? Fucking nothing. But hey, that's life and like I've probably said a few times before, back then it was much harder for a Finnish metal band to get signed.

Virago - Demo (198?)

1. Hazevisitor 3:17
2. Proclaim 4:40
3. Indisposed 3:15
4. Beerboys 3:36

Download (mp3, 320 kbps)!