April 3, 2011

Brainwash (Finland) - 14.5.1989 Harju, Helsinki

Bringing back to life some more noises by yet another almost forgotten band - this one was called Brainwash and they were from Helsinki. If I remember correctly they were originally called Backline... or something like that. Too bad there's no demo shit available - at least I don't seem to have any. But there's this live tape recorded by yours truly at Harju Youth Club in May 1989. Once again, the sound is what it is, but at least I can hear clearly a speed/thrash metal band that played really well and had some pretty fucking good songs. Check it out yourself. This is the complete gig and there's also a Black Sabbath cover version included. May 14, 1989 was a Sunday - that most likely explains the lack of enthusiasm shown by the audience. Brainwash were the headlining band that evening and the opening act was Hammerhead. I recorded both bands and I think I'll be uploading the Hammerhead gig too one of these days.

Strangely enough quite many metal gigs at that time were on Sundays. Don't know why, really, but I guess the organizers thought they'd get less problems if the fans were sober... and I suppose they were absofuckinglutely right. Yeah. :D

Like so many other bands of the time, Brainwash simply just disappeared. However the lead singer/bass player Ali later surfaced as a singer/bassist for Corporal Punishment, who did three albums in the Nineties - and had in its lineup guys who had played in bigger bands of the Finnish metal scene like Stone and Airdash. Last time I heard of Ali was around 2005 when he was playing in a band called Bendover with the drummer from HIM...

Brainwash - 14.5.1989 Harju, Helsinki

1. Have No Mercy 3:25
2. [title unknown] 5:59
3. [title unknown] 5:19
4. Brainwash 3:08
5. Right To Kill 4:18
6. Children Of The Grave 3:37
7. [title unknown] 4:42
8. Pain In My Brain 5:00

Style: Speed Metal/Thrash Metal

Download (mp3, 320 kbps)!

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