March 12, 2011

Virago (Finland) - Herttoniemi, Helsinki 26.8.1990

Aaaahhhhh! The good old Herttoniemi Youth Club in Helsinki. I saw many great (and not so great) bands there 20+ years ago... and apparently recorded at least one of the gigs I saw. Don't remember anything else about this particular gig though. No idea about who else played there besides Virago. Anyway, judging by the audience reaction (yeah, I edited all/most of it out, and it was pretty much nonexisting anyway) it must have been one of those gigs that just sucked ass. Those tend to happen from time to time, and yes, I've been a "victim" of such shit gigs myself - on and off the stage. Anyway, I just checked it out: 26 August 1990 was a Sunday! Now I'm not wondering at all about the lack of enthusiasm. :D Anyway, here we have Virago playing a few songs and that's pretty much it. No bullshit. The sound is what it is - I must have recorded with an old crappy boombox or something... and there was no good recording equipment available anyway back then for a broke, stupid young dude like yours truly - or anyone else. Nowadays making your own "bootlegs" is easier I guess - it's a different world with all this digital shit that's available everywhere.

Virago - Herttoniemi, Helsinki 26.8.1990

1. Suspended Animation 4:38
2. Analysis 3:20
3. [title unknown] 3:31
4. Mr. Jones 4:05
5. Waste Another Year 4:43

Style: Speed Metal/Thrash Metal

Download (mp3, 320 kbps)!

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