March 14, 2011

Defection (Finland) - War Of Losers (198?)

Defection from Vantaa (Mika - guitar+vocals, Jökä - guitar, Pete - bass, Jone-drums)... this is thrash metal played the way it's supposed to be played! There's no year mentioned in the cover of the tape, but I suppose this is from the late Eighties. This is yet another rather unknown band, but some of the people involved with this little tape have made some things later that may have made some of you out there notice them. First of all this demo was recorded and mixed at TTT-music studio by the one and only Timo Tolkki himself. I suppose most of you have heard about Stratovarius and some of the other bands/projects he's been involved with. Then there's the bass player of Defection, Pete Peltonen, whom some may or may not remeber from another Finnish thrash band, Antidote, who made three albums in the Nineties. There's some session keyboards on this demo - played by Kari Tornack, who played on several albums by Thunderstone. So this is indeed some early work by guys who later did something different and got signed and all that crap... Anyway, this is a very good demo by yet another forgotten band - check it out. It's definitely worth a try.

Defection - War Of Losers (198?)

1. War Of Losers 3:16
2. Conscientious Objector 5:19
3. Battle Of The Blades 6:18
4. One Day 5:08

Style: Thrash Metal

Download (mp3, 320 kbps)!

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